poster prizes

  • WASAD will award the three best posters with a poster prize
  • A poster prize has a value of EUR 250
  • All submitted onsite and ePosters are evaluated by 8 reviewers
  • The posters will be evaluated in terms of "overall presentation", "scientific value and originality" and "relevance of the topic for the field of stress and anxiety disorders"
  • The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony on September 22nd

    The winners of the 3 poster prizes are:

  • Poster No. 17: Patient stratification based on pupillometric response profiles and its brain correlates in affective and anxiety disorders by the group of Julia Fietz and colleagues

  • Poster No. 80: Heart rate variability biofeedback for stress management supported by virtual reality and wearable technology by the group of Jasmine Kerr and colleagues

  • Poster No. 70: Perceived stress, anxiety, depression, and the cortisol awakening response – a longitudinal study in young German adults during the COVID-19 pandemic by the group of Maria Meier and colleagues